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New: Personality Type based on Jung-Myers-Briggs and Enneagram

         Jung-Myers-Briggs Test
  (64 questions)
         Enneagram Test
  (choose "Enneagram test 2" for 52-question shorter test) 

         Introduction/Explanation of Jung-Myers-Briggs Typology 
         Introduction/Explanation of the Enneagram Typology            

  1. Teilhard Teilhard de Chardin and the Noosphere by Philip J. Cunningham.
  2. Teilhard Cyberspace and the Dream of Teilhard de Chardin by John R. Mabry.
  3. Teilhard A Globe, Clothing itself with a Brain by Jennifer Cobb Kreisberg (old article but still relevant).
  4. Teilhard - DIVINIZATION OF COSMOS An Interview about Teilhard with Brian Swimme.
  5. Teilhard - Simple Analogies to Teilhard's Concepts. by Thomas P. Sheahen.
  6. Teilhard - Did God evolve the world? by Brian Brandon.
  7. Teilhard - Teilhard - Overview (from a Polish web)
  8. Monitum (warning) regarding the Writings of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin 30.6.1962 and 20.7.1982.
  9. Teilhard de Chardin in Czech.
  10. Ian BARBOUR: Science and Religion - 4 Relationships. (38 pages)
  11. GOD AND SCIENCE. (Dominique Morin: How to understand God, p. 23.)
  12. THE EVOLUTION OF GOD. (Robert Wright: Hunter-Gatherers, Introduction)
  13. CHARLES DARWIN in a letter to a botanist ASA GRAY - about evolution.
  14. Eugenie C. Scott: Science, Religion and Evolution. National Center for Science Education.
  15. Pope Benedict XVIth Speech to the Academic Community in Prague, September 26, 2009.
  16. GOD DEBATE, Newsweek, April 9, 2007. Interesting discussion between neo-atheist Sam Harris and pastor Rick Warren.  
  17. ETERNITY FOR ATHEISTS, New York Times, July 29, 2007. Today, atheists are infringing on the major domain of every major religious tradition. 
  18. BIBLE - How to Think About it in an Age of Sciences?
  19. Science and Religion - Dialogue - Introduction, John Polkinghorne.
  20. Proceedings of Conference SCIENCE and RELIGION 2005. Věda a náboženství 2005; papers in English (CMTF library No. Sb 55.)
  21. BIG QUESTIONS humans are asking since their beginning. (From NASA webpage.)
  22. Darwin ahead of his time.
  23. Pope John Paul II. Faith and Science: Catholic perspectives. Web references to all of pope's proclamation about the relationship between science and faith). 
  24. VATICAN and EVOLUTION 2008-2009
    1. 16-09-2009: Vatican - Ravasi_overcoming_mistrust_between_theology-evolution
    2. 11-2008: Vatican is again ambiguous on Evolution? Science, Vol. 322, p. 1038. (14 Nov. 2008)
    3. 14.11.2008. Vatikán stále váhá obejmout evoluci.  Science, Vol. 322, p. 1038. (14/11/08)
    4. 10.02.2009: Vatican's_Leclerc-God_creates_by_evolution.
    5. 05.03.2009  Darwinovo učení o evoluci kompatibilní s katolickou vírou - omluva Darwinovi. Konference na Gregoriánské univerzitě 2.- 6. 3. 2009.
    6. 15.03.2009  Evoluce ve světle apoštola Pavla (Vatikán, Cantalamessa).
  25. 11.02.2009 DARWIN - ahead of his time. NYT021109 (angl.)
  26. 10.02.2009: Darwinism must die, so that evolution may live. NYT 021009 (angl.).
  27. 14.02.2009: Evoluce oka - podle Darwina ANO, podle inteligentních dezignérů NE.
  28.  28.03.2009: Darwinovy vousy

  29. 02.02.2009: Darwin neobjevil jen evoluční teorii.
  30. Dark Energy, Dark Matter - what are they?
  31. Asteroids_Contact_vith_Earth_vs_Religion.
  32. Infinite Wonder of DIVINE and not DESIGN George Coyne, former director of Vatican observatory
  33. When we embrace the Hindu, we will be Catholic?
  34. Robots and Robotics  (MIT, Boston)
  35. DNA Profile
  36. Science & Religion contemporary cases: A theme article from the Catholic weekly The Tablet. Students are asking about Pope's rejection to use condoms by the H.I.V. positives during his flight to Africa. (In Africa suffers ca. 23 million people on this disease.)
  37. Albert Einstein on Religion and Science.
  38. Keith Ward: Reasons to Believe.
  39. Keith Ward vs.Richard Dawkins: Faith, hype and lack of clarity.
  40. Dalai Lama - inspiring: MIT offers future scientists education in universal values.
  41. Comments about 7 Mea Culpa of John Paul II.
  42. Decrease of Catholics in USA (2008)
  43. Neo-atheists.
  44. Is it coming an end of Christian America?
  45. 10 COMMANDEMENTS (from Tora and modified by Augustine and Origenes) 
  46. Three Types of Love

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  • COBB, Jennifer (1998). Cybergrace - Search for God in the Digital World. New York: Crown Publishers. 258 pp.
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  • Mikeš, F. (Ed.) (2004). Věda a náboženství 2000: Od konfliktu k dialogu. Olomouc:  VUP. Kapitoly dostupné pro studijní účely na této stránce jsou:
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  • Mikeš, F. (Ed.) (2008). Věda a náboženství 2005: Teilhard, evoluce a globální spiritualita. Olomouc: VUP.  Olomouc: UP.
Material of courses S&R (VAN). F. Mikeš
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